Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing – Which one is powerful in 2023?

Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing – Which one is powerful in 2023?

Going through the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing First,  we need to get a clear idea about what is digital marketing and social media marketing.

What is Digital Marketing in Simple Words?

Digital marketing is the awareness of a brand to link with valuable customers by using internet technology. The second name of digital marketing is online marketing. This means in a simple way marketing a brand through the Internet.

Mainly,  we use different types of marketing methods like content marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, television radio, and email marketing in digital marketing. Now I am moving towards giving a simple idea about Social Marketing. We use digital marketing

What is Social Media Marketing in Simple Words?

Social Media Marketing is marketing that prompts brands to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. In social media marketing, we produce relevant content and share it on social platforms.

Social media marketing gives a roadmap to organizations or brands to connect with their audience.

There are Five pillars of social media marketing

  1. Social Strategy
  2. Planning and publishing
  3. Listening and engagement
  4. Analytics and Reporting
  5. Advertising

By using these 5 points we can build a successful organization through social media marketing.

So, actually what’s the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing?

Digital and social media marketing is referred to as the same thing but in actual forms, these are two different aspects. The difference is simple: Digital marketing is the umbrella form and includes all types of marketing strategies while social media marketing is one type of digital marketing and focuses primarily on the use of marketing on social media platforms.

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What are the Major Pros  & Cons of Digital Marketing?


Find Targeted Audience

Using digital marketing you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with. Reach a client is really tough for any organization but with the help of digital marketing now it’s easy to find potential customers.

Low-Cost rate

Properly and well-planned digital marketing campaigns can reach out to the right clients at a lower rate. One thing that makes digital marketing business-friendly is low cost-efficiency with a low price you can grab valuable customers for your organization.

Easy to Learn

In this modern time, it is easy to learn digital marketing. You can learn these courses without paying any fees for courses because most people on youtube and Google are offering these courses without any charges. Thousands of people are available in the market who share their own experiences at a high level.

24/7 Availability

This is the most interesting advantage of digital marketing. Your online assets like websites, Social profiles, articles, and Ebooks will never die. With the passage of time, these assets will bring more customers for you in the future.


High Competition

When someone thinks of starting a business at the local level then he only faces competition at the local level. Starting a business through digital marketing on the Internet is very tough because you have to face worldwide competition. The only way you become a successful businessman at the internet level is by providing unique and helpful things.

Security Issue

To start a business on the Internet you should keep in mind the cons of digital marketing. Because on the internet there are many scammers and hackers. So, it is necessary to be alert and aware.

Customer’s Reviews

Negative reviews or feedback can be dangerous for your business. Because these reviews will be visible to your customers through social media review platforms. Carrying out effective and dedicated customer service online is a difficult thing. So, you have to ensure your client left a positive review after achieving your service.

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What are the Social Media Marketing Pros and Cons In this area?

The pros and cons of social media marketing everyone knows better because 99% of people are involved in social media. So, everyone knows better and deeper. Anyway, I will discuss it shortly here, so that one more time your mind concept will be cleared through my short wording.


  1.  Increase in Self Confidence
  2.  Focused Deeply
  3. Can stand a large business as compared to


  1. Lacks of trust
  2. Hard to build an organization
  3. Cybers security issue

Which one is more Powerful Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing?

In digital marketing, we deal with various types of digital channels and funnels to grow business, create customers’ trust, create value, and increase sales, etc.  We are responsible for measuring, testing, analyzing, and which methodology will work better for the brand or business. Using different tools like search Engine Optimization (SEO ), email marketing, graphics creation tools, lead generation tools, landing pages, content creation etc.

While in social media marketing, we only focused on our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktik, and the list goes on. Including all social channels in digital marketing campaigns is not necessary. For creating a successful brand or organization it is essential you have a lot of audience and followers on your social media platforms.

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Most people use digital marketing and social media marketing interchangeably but that’s the wrong concept. Social media marketing is part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the different types of internet marketing and social media marketing is one of them. The result of digital marketing is slow while the result of social media marketing depends on the customer’s likes.

The success rate of social media marketing depends upon the unique and regular content on a daily basis while the success rate of digital marketing relies upon the banner advertisement on different digital channels like television.

Digital marketing uses online and offline channels to promote the products of brands and organizations while social media marketing uses social media platforms to create awareness about the product.

So, the above discussion clarifies that both Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing have their own benefits.


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